About Us


Labeb.com is a specialized all-inclusive website, operated by a team of professionals and specialists, whose number one duty is to provide the ultimate help for its users.

Labeb.com is owned by Al-Borwa Software Company. It was established in June 2015 by well-trained technical and executive professionals and launched from Amman, Jordan. Its head office is Located in King Hussein Business Park.

Labeb.com (Be smart before you buy!)

Labeb.com makes it easier and faster for users interested in buying any electric/electronic products to reach its vendors and selling places.

Not only do we link the user with various stores, we also make sure the user gets the tips needed to make the perfect pick safely and wisely.

Prior to purchasing any product, Labeb.com provides its pros and cons, and comparison between similar items in order to assist you in choosing the best and most suitable product.

Labeb.com is classified as an open market website. Distinct from like-wise classified websites, Labeb makes purchasing products much easier by its online and offline support.

Our online support is guaranteed by allowing stores from different regions to display their products on our website.

Our offline support consists of providing the sufficient tips for the users, and guiding them to the suitable store, that is either the nearest, has the most convenient price, or with special offers.

Soon, users will be able to rate stores on our website.


Having similar products with different brands serving the same purpose makes purchasing frustrating. That’s why we possess a deeply held belief that purchases demand a wise and comprehensive work plan. Labeb.com takes the lead in implementing this plan to help people make their minds when shopping. We are proudly providing our services in Jordan and Saudi Arabia.


Our mission is to facilitate shopping for electric/electronic and other products by comparing the prices and specifications, and to connect customers with the desired shops.