Build an Online Store on Labeb.Com

You can build your online store on Labeb and start selling your products online in few minutes and for free. First, register a free account on to benefit from a wide range of free features and tools that help you promote your products online. To start, please follow these steps:

Choose The Location of Your Store

Visit Labeb's homepage, choose the country where your store is located (where you want to sell your products), then click the register link at the website's header.

Choose The Account Business Type

Choose the account type suitable for business; Labeb provides two accounts types: Commercial, which is ideal for companies and established businesses, and Individual account, which is tailored to individuals looking to sell online. For more information, please read the FAQ page.

Register a Commercial Account
  1. Visit the registration page here.
  2. Choose the Commercial store account type.
  3. Fill in your contact details (Mobile number, email address, password, and basic information). Please use an active mobile number and a correct email address to receive the OTP activation code successfully.
  4. On the next screen, fill in your personal information (the store owner details) and upload an identity verification document (A copy of passport first page, copy of an ID, or a commercial license). The identity verification page needs to be valid and issued from the country where your store is located.
  5. Fill in your commercial store name (the name that shows on your store on the store profile page).
  6. Fill in the exact address of your physical store, and you can also click the "Locate me on Map" button to get the precise geo-location of the store on Google Maps.
  7. Fill in the customer service phone/mobile number.
  8. Write a short description of your store.
  9. Upload your store logo to finalize the registration process.
  10. Congratulations, your account is ready, and you can immediately start adding products and sell them online!
Manage Your Account and Sell Online

As your account is ready, you can go to the account settings to choose payment methods you provide and add your website and social media profiles. Once you are ready, click add product, to start selling online! Please visit the FAQ page for more information.