Sell Online in Bahrain

Now, you can start selling your products online in Bahrain for free within few minutes, read below to learn more about enhancing your online presence.

Start Selling Online in Two Minutes!

Labeb allows you to sell your products online in few steps. All you have to do is register a free account and upload your products to start selling online for thousands of targeted customers in your country. It also allows you to compete with big brands and established online businesses efficiently and effectively.
There is no need to build a website to start selling online anymore; with Labeb, you can register an account, upload your products, reach buyers online for free. Labib saves you a lot of time, effort, and money, enabling you to reach a larger segment of customers, all in two minutes only!

Why Choose Labeb.Com?
  1. Designed for your needs: Labeb provides two account types for individuals and SMEs and big, established companies.
  2. Save time, effort, and money: Selling online on Labeb is free, requires few minutes to set up and saves you a lot of marketing and administrative work; you can upload products, compete with hundreds of sellers, and reach thousands of buyers in few steps.
  3. No hidden fees or commission: The service is free; in the future, we may introduce some extra-paid features that help you promote your products to a broader range of customers.
  4. Labeb Complements your Omni selling efforts: Labeb acts as an additional sale channel for your products; it complements your online presence. On Labeb, you will have a store profile page to list social profile links, website links, contact details, and available payment methods.
  5. We connect you with potential buyers: Labeb allows you to directly, without mediation, connect with a wide range of potential buyers, free of charge.
  6. Hundreds of categories and thousands of buyers: Labeb allows you to sell a broader range of products; we rank for a significant number of keywords, driving you more traffic from search engines, social media, and other channels.
How to Start Selling Online on Labeb.Com?

You can start selling online in few steps:

  1. Go to Labeb homepage, choose your country (the country you want to sell in).
  2. Click the register link at the header.
  3. Follow the self-explanatory steps to complete your account registration. For more information, read the How to register an Individual Store Account or the how-to register a Commercial Account page, read the FAQ page for more details, or contact us if you need any help.
What Can I Sell on Labeb?

Labib offers a wide range of categories; please open the website menu to learn more about the product categories provided by Labeb.

Tips, How to Reach More Clients on Labeb?
  1. Fill in accurate and complete information for your account. Make sure to have correct and active contact details.
  2. Add your social media profiles and website link (if available).
  3. Upload more products to reach a broader range of buyers.
  4. Use clear and high-resolution images for your products.
  5. Write a clear and accurate description of your store and each of your products.
  6. Add more specs for each product.
  7. Read the FAQ page to understand how Labeb works.
  8. Use a realistic and competitive price for your products.
  9. Choose the right category for each product.
  10. Read the terms of service to maintain your account active with no restrictions.
  11. Register in Labeb's newsletter to get the latest updates, tips and selling guides.